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Biking is my drug. And spiritual fix.

Lots of articles have been written about the psychological and physiological benefits of cycling and I can attest to many of those claims. But I think what people speak of, with not just cycling, but with various sports or activities, is that there’s a spiritual element to it.

While different people have different ways to experience that, I’ve learned over the years that often how I “recharge my soul” is through participating in activities that have the sensation of “gliding”, such as swimming, cycling, sailing, skiing, etc.

Several friends have commended me on how I’m able to ride so much, but the to me cycling is like a drug. A narcotic. A Candy Crush on two wheels. Once I get off the saddle, I begin thinking of when I can get on again. It’s addictive, and annoying my wife, but I’m sure other fellow cyclists can understand. It’s easy to get on when you come back refreshed and recharged.

People do mention and talk about that experience on the bike and of riding, but the concept of spirituality in recreation has been muted in this era of Christianity. Here’s one book that I’ve heard of several years ago that attempts to share how skiing can be such a refresher:

But it sounds like some Catholics have it down.

This Franciscan friar living at Huntingdon Beach shares a lot of experiencing God at the beach in this article.

And glad that Pope Benedict is quoted as seeing the recreational experience as a natural part of experiencing God.
“Skiing is practiced in a mountain environment, an environment which in a special way makes us feel small, giving back to us the right dimension of our being creatures,” he said. “It makes us capable of asking ourselves about the meaning of creation, of looking above, of opening ourselves to the Creator.”

Man, it’d be rad to go on a ski trip with the Pope. And shoot the breeze. If I was hanging with Pope Francis, I’d be “Yo, Pope Fran, did you take your Harley up to this resort? What say we go chill at the hot tub now then go feed the poor afterwards? Wanna play Candy Crush?”

So what recreations help you refresh your soul? Feel free to jot below.

I’ll end this post with this recent video about former KART and F1 race car driver Alex Zanardi, and how he started cycling. His quote regarding his winning of the 2012 Para-Olympic gold medal: “I won because I wanted to ride my bicycle.” Amen.

Brooklyn Gospel Celebration with Larnelle Harris 7/15

上周日是我第一次在Brooklyn Tabernacle 做礼拜。真的是一个非常有祝福的时间。
Sunday afternoon was my first time worshiping at Brooklyn Tabernacle and what a wonderful time it was.
Brooklyn Tabernacle
As most of you reading this know, BT has been known for many years around the world for their amazing choir. To be there in person confirms that and more.

BT 开了一个赞美晚会系列,邀请很多有名的福音歌手来周日下午带赞美。这次是一位弟兄叫Larnelle Harris。 他得到好几个Grammy 奖的艺术家。 礼拜开始的时候有BT教会带赞美,觉得很容易举高我们的敬拜。
BT has begun a gospel celebration series that sees various contemporary gospel artists come and lead worship on Sunday afternoons. This week happened to be with Larnelle Harris, a multi-Grammy award winning artist. Service began with BT leading worship and it was very, very easy lifting our praises to the Lord.

当Harris 弟兄来带的时候,他是把力量和歌唱并在一起。他唱的时候真的相信他所唱的歌。 这样唱法给我们很大的鼓励和信心。如果无心来唱,可能变成一个普通的演唱。
When Mr. Harris began to lead, he led with such power beyond just singing some songs. Not wanting to use this commonly-used phrase, but he truly believed what he sang. And that made all the difference in lifting our spirits and hearts. Not only being unbelieveably musically gifted, he enabled it with his faith to do far more than what just singing alone can do.

在礼拜结束时,Cymbala 牧师分享了诗篇50章,呼招我们回到他怀抱中。合唱团也唱了一首新歌给大家,也让感到祝福。我之前有没有跟大家说他们的音乐家超厉害???
At the end of service, Pastor Cymbala shared a quick message on Psalm 50, and encouraged those that have been distant from Him to come back. The choir sang a new song that led us into His presence and many were blessed. Did I need to add that their musicians at their church are super talented? 🙂

觉得最大的鼓励是发现他们的合唱团不是他们教会的重点, 而且他们很热心去帮贫穷的人,也在他们的影响中把福音好好使用在他们的社会。可是他们的服事都是在祷告里建立的。 太酷。
Probably the most encouraging thing is that the choir is not the centerpiece of the church. If it was I’m sure it would not have lasted very long. Community outreach into the city, social awareness and assistance are other key pillars of this church, all built upon being a house of prayer.

Fast food spirituality

Had a visitor come through town last week and he’s worked his way up in the business world and made for himself a pretty good nestegg to take an early retirement. Coming out here to Shanghai to do some leadership training, he’s noticed that there’s a huge difference between how sp. homes are run here in regards to the West. There’s certainly a desperation here that the West lacks, but I also fear the East is falling into the same materialistic trap.

Just checking out new books coming out from X’n publishers I’ve been generally disappointed with the fluff they’ve been printing out. It’s a wonder to see how often the most prosperous of nations are the ones that are asleep in the light. Thanks Mr. Keith Green for that last portion of the sentence…

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