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Live blogging wasn’t possible for me…

Live blogging at the Olympics isn’t so easy when you don’t have GPRS service setup, nor a laptop to type on, but to give you a general idea of what I experienced there, I’ll list out a record of some of my SMS messages I sent to a few good friends over the 3 days I was there.
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Gold medal for Nathan!

Yes, the trip was a success and Nathan’s come away with a gold medal in the 4x100free relay for the States. Did I also mention a world record? But Nathan swam the opening leg in the prelims in fine fashion, helping his team out as the fastest qualifier into the finals. Unfortunately, the record only held up until that time, where a few other guys were subbed in to give more people a chance at the gold. If you guys have missed it, it was a swim for the ages. For the details check out this summary from NBC.
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Day 1 in Beijing for the Olympics

Even before I’ve had a chance to write about my trip to Switzerland, I’m in BJ already with my relatives and friend. It’s been a nutty day so far with trips to the Square, the Forbidden Palace, and being hours removed from the site where the US tourist was killed. Right now, I’m at an internet station set up by BoA. Very kind of them to do so. Tonight, hopefully a Speedo-sponsored party….

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