Dear blogsphere,

It’s been a virtual age since I’ve last written on my website. Now that I’m back outside the Great Firewall of China, I figure it’ll be faster to access my site (tho I’m pessimistic that it’ll be safer).

Great Firewall of China

What won’t be faster will be my ability to formulate complex sentences. After spending the last 11 years in Asia, you’ll have to excuse my simplified Chinese English as I continue adding to this blog.

This site has been up for years now, and I still haven’t been able to decide what to focus on, because I have too many interests and hobbies to limit it to just one or two. So in the future I will be writing on everything. Well, I’ll try and keep it down to sports (including my new found hobby of road cycling), business, hi-tech, retail, and music.

So this is “hello” for now, and hope to keep in touch.