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Nothing like good Tonic from CBC Radio 2

Coming home from an eventful day yesterday with a friend, I turned on one of my favourite radio stations, CBC Radio Two, to catch their radio program, Tonic, which is a “concoction of jazz and thoughtful stories”.
CBC Radio 2 Tonic
Photo source: CBC Radio 2

With the sunroof down on under a perfect Vancouver summer night and the whizz of urban city lights cascading by, the host, Tim Tamashiro, shares this one Canadian jazz singer, Lori Cullen, and her rendition of the classic Harry Mancini song, Moon River. And with her first phrase, I took off to another world. With the combination of inside and outside condition, it felt like a night cap after on a lazy weekend.

As a former Juno finalist for “Best vocal album of the year”, Ms. Cullen’s has an amazing voice, and her interpretation of that classic is quite unique. While not everyone will have the same opinion to what gives them that feeling, I still think it’s amazing how good music, whether it be jazz, rock, classical, worship, is able to capture one’s senses and take us to another place.
Lori Cullen
Photo Source:

You can listen to Ms. Cullen’s version of Moon River here

Album Review: As smooth as Corneille


Last July I spent a few days hanging out in downtown Toronto, and went into HMV. Now I usually never buy music from HMV because of their relatively high prices, but I was sure there must have been some local music that I wouldn’t have been able to find elsewhere. I asked a salesperson and he referred me to an artist that I’m writing this blog about.

Corneille is a very interesting artist with an even more interesting bio. He first started picking up recognition in France, Canada, and Japan, and now just recently signed with Motown, it’s dreams come true for this Canadian artist.
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