Just recently I had a chance to reconnect with some of my best friends in Vancouver and I must say they’re doing some very interesting things I wanted to share. What started out during university as a group of 4 guys getting together to hang out and jam, I’ve never envisioned how much music would play such a huge part in our lives. I’m going to take some time to introduce a few of them to you, and to know why they’re fiends/friends in my book:

Chris Yip
Chris Yip – There are only a handful of people that can melt me when they sing, and Chris is one of them. I still remember when got his first guitar, a satin finish Takamine, and jamming and singing in a Big Red Van, at our homes, and performing together. An amazing poet, he’s definitely got a set of smooth pipes. Already out with his first album, “Wood for the Fire”, he’s up to all good with even more songs of his. You can check out his myspace account at the link above for a quick listen.

Allan Yuet
Allan Yuet – I’ve known Allan since his days of playin’ drums in the Green House. If you don’t know what the Green House is, that’s too bad. But for those that do, you’ll notice that he’s come a long ways and onto further things. For instance, he’s known to many musicians as their Tone Guru. You want someone who knows their sound equipment and HOW to use them, he’s your man. In fact, he’s set up me with some spectacular gear that I’ve never even heard about. But besides being a sound guru, he’s also an amazing drummer. You can check out his myspace account at the link above.

That’s it for my first installment of my music f(r)iends. Stay tuned for more fiends in the future.