t. kao
Well, it’s finally online. That’s right. My buddy T. Kao’s put a handful of his songs online for your listening pleasure.

For those gear freaks interested in knowing what we used to put together the four songs on there right now (Sunday Morning Sleeping, Beautiful World, Simple & True, and the infamous unnamed track), there were:

  • pieces and parts recorded in Garageband and ProTools
  • different guitars parts using diff. amps, Pod effects, mics, mic configurations (special thanks to J. Hsu for lending us his Martin!)
  • portions recorded at my place were done in my dining room and living room
  • synth sounds were done in Garageband and also through Propellerhead’s reason
  • Other sound effects that were done consisted of various ProTool plugins (including Sony Oxfords for Simple and True, and Vinyl Scratch for Sunday morning sleeping), Reason, sound bytes from different places.

It was super fun cutting my teeth with his music, because it had such variety of instruments, and found out a lot about what works and what didn’t.

I had a great time working with T. Kao with all these songs. If I wasn’t so darn busy, he would’ve been living at my place right now. I hear Mie sighing with relief.

Go listen.