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How to get the most from the Olympics in Beijing

  1. Do book a hotel the day before you arrive, and make sure you bargain like you would bargain for clothes at the Silk Market.
  2. Find a relative that makes the Olympics as an athlete and make sure the sport is very hi-profile, like swimming.
  3. Go watch athletes in warmup and notice how focused they are.
  4. Do hang out and mingle in the stands with the likes of the rich and famous.
  5. Take advantage of the benefits from supporting organizations, and in turn, get free tickets to events.
  6. And if they have a buffet, make sure you eat as much as you can.
  7. Make sure you also attend the various evening parties that are held.
  8. Repeat #6 for #7
  9. Bring plenty of water wherever you go. And if you run out, it’s alright. Prices for bottles of water are capped at 3RMB (Word has it it used to be 7RMB inside the forbidden city!)
  10. Go right up to strangers who you think are athletes and say hi to to them. Celebrate their accomplishment of making the Olympics!
  11. Baseball Playerse

  12. Be amazed at the architecture, such as the Water Cube, the Bird’s Nest, and the CCTV Tower.
  13. Try not to get too sick of CCTV playing montages of nothing but Chinese athletes and Michael Phelps all day.
  14. Remember to sleep. With all the excitement it’s easy to forget!

Another friend wins a gold!

This wasn’t about being a surprise, it was about redemption. My high-school friend Kyle Hamilton and his 7 teammates rowed their way into Olympic history by claiming the gold for Canada in the finals yesterday. The redemption is complete as their men’s eight rowed to a disappointing 5th place finish four years ago in Athens.

I remember going to a Canucks game with him and showing his gold medal from winning a world championship, but as most athletes understand, a world championship without an Olympic gold still feels incomplete.

His team comprises of Kyle Hamilton of Richmond, B.C., Adam Kreek of London, Ont., Dominic Seiterle and Malcolm Howard of Victoria, Jake Wetzel of Saskatoon, Andrew Byrnes of Toronto, Ben Rutledge of Cranbrook, B.C., Kevin Light of Sidney, B.C., and Price of Belleville, Ont.

So, congrats Kyle! Way to go with having the hard work pay off.

You can read more on them on TSN

Live blogging wasn’t possible for me…

Live blogging at the Olympics isn’t so easy when you don’t have GPRS service setup, nor a laptop to type on, but to give you a general idea of what I experienced there, I’ll list out a record of some of my SMS messages I sent to a few good friends over the 3 days I was there.
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