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You know you’re more local Chinese than the local Chinese when…

1. You jaywalk streets that locals don’t even dare to. 你干闯红灯,可是你的本地朋友们都不敢。
2. Locals call you out for spitting in public places. 本地朋友们骂你在公开的地方吐痰。
3. You crowd people so closely on the bus that other passengers ask you to stand back. 你在公交车上挤到别人要请你让点空间。

Obviously, I’m not talking about myself…

(Feel free to add others)

Kids these days…

Friends and kids
Life in Shanghai includes the excitement of new additions to my friend’s families. I used to joke around with my friends in university that our get-togethers would end earlier and earlier because we’d be spending most of our time taking care of our kids. Well, that time has arrived! However, it’s quite amazing to see how each of these kids’ personalities are so evident at such a young age.
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T. Kao’s farewell show

I’ve mentioned in a previous post somewhere that I’ve been helping a my friend Tim record a few of his original songs. As great as a songwriter he is, I personally think he’s an even better performer. Last Friday, Tim held a special farewell concert for his students and invited a handful of guest stars to perform with him. And what fun when I was invited to be a guest musician!

It was an interesting mix of people in the audience that Friday night, with school kids from elementary to high school, couples, young families, locals, school teachers, and giddy schoolgirls wanting his autograph, the show went on without too many hitches. Best move Tim pulled off was to hire a professional team to do the sound. The venue he played in is notorious for poor sound and Friday night sounded….Gooooooood.

Finally had the chance to use all this equipment that I’ve hauled from overseas to its full potential. I can say, my 2nd week of June was complete. I played electric for one song and bass for another, using my ES-335 with my Valvestate, and finally, the Acme Bass Amp that was turned up to half of max volume for the first time! Yes, I was one of those giddy schoolgirls.

All in all, it was a fun one-and-a-half hour show, with entertained friends and HK style food for late night dessert. I consider that a night well spent. 🙂

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