At the beginning of August, I had a chance to visit the beautiful country of Switzerland. Here are my top 10 discoveries about the land of chocolate and knives:

  1. Didn’t realize “1/2” means child’s fare.
  2. Didn’t think I’d pass as a child.
  3. Like in Canada, you can drink the tap water.
  4. Plastic cups have their own plastic cup-shaped recycling container.
  5. A McDonald’s value meal really isn’t a value (food is expensive there).
  6. The country is clean….almost too clean…
  7. The Coop is where everyone goes to get their groceries.
  8. Swiss Army Knives are truly cheapest in Switzerland.
  9. The Swiss have the coolest-looking passports.
  10. Backpacking is the way to travel Switzerland.

Swiss Passport
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